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Miley Cyrus is a young and upcoming tweenie star with a probable million-dollar estate in her hands (see her AOL bio here). While Cyrus has carved her way to glory by means of her good-girl appearance, as she develops her acts are providing some tasty starlet rumor.

ms-cyrusAfter backing out of her promise of getting a secondary education, she’s willingly embraced the starlet life, with typically raunchy half-naked photos and secret pics showing her in her swimsuit.

The teen actually postured half-clothed (despite the fact that no tits were brought to bear) for a style magazine (Vanity Fair) photo-shoot, she later apologized for the photos.. Is the tale of her existence fated to becoming another oft-seen crash-and-burn future, with upskirt picture images, nipple slips and pussy-shots as she gets out of a cab car not wearing panties? Read the rest of this entry »