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The Downfall of a Sexy Young Actress

Posted on: January 21, 2009

Miley Cyrus is a young and upcoming tweenie star with a probable million-dollar estate in her hands (see her AOL bio here). While Cyrus has carved her way to glory by means of her good-girl appearance, as she develops her acts are providing some tasty starlet rumor.

ms-cyrusAfter backing out of her promise of getting a secondary education, she’s willingly embraced the starlet life, with typically raunchy half-naked photos and secret pics showing her in her swimsuit.

The teen actually postured half-clothed (despite the fact that no tits were brought to bear) for a style magazine (Vanity Fair) photo-shoot, she later apologized for the photos.. Is the tale of her existence fated to becoming another oft-seen crash-and-burn future, with upskirt picture images, nipple slips and pussy-shots as she gets out of a cab car not wearing panties?

The Origin Of the Fame

Miley was born in Franklin, Tennessee and is the daughter of singer Billy R. Cyrus and Lecitia “Tish”. She has as well as those two older siblings out of another wedding called Christopher Cody and Trace.

Her acting reputation in particular got into the air at the point when she reached her twelfth birthday and attended the casting for the important part of Hannah Montana. The Disney managers initially announced she was inappropriately tiny – but she scored herself the main role by means of her energetic personality and insistence.

The show was a smash hit and ended in a music reputation beginning for Miley R. Cyrus – she’s recently released her second album titled Breakout, released a music video for her new movie, and played at a kids Inaugural concert (below):

Miley R Cyrus’ Oncoming Sullying

As Miley R. Cyrus develops into a beautiful woman she is impatient to relinquish her tweenie persona. She has already announced she wishes to recreate her character in pop-queen Madonna’s likeness.

Nevertheless many might proclaim that Miss Cyrus is heading down this future inappropriately young, actually going for a controversially tasty sexy photo shoot at which she posed half-naked for the photographer at the age of merely 15.

Although there has been a confessed apology for the aired Miley Cyrus bra-and-panties shot, swimsuit images and a range of other sexy images, one can reach the understandings that her young matured time will consist of the Miley Ray Cyrus stardom loaded with secret sex tape scandals and the media taking a pic of Miley Ray’s breasts while on the waterfront, a bare assed look in a mini-skirt, a nip slip at a presentation night and upskirt images when she exits from a cab car.

Click Here to see a little additional Miley Ray Cyrus images and tasty material.

(Via Net Fairy)


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